Keep Data Safe

Data backup checks are part of your maintenance plan and included backup/restore checking and daily monitoring for complete backups. Services Misc:

Patch and Security Update Management
Backup Monitoring
Disaster Recovery and Support
Disaster Planning and Testing
Drive Maintenance and Monitoring
Alerts and Error Monitoring
Antivirus and Security Monitoring
Email, POPs, IMAP and Exchange
SharePoint Support
Hardware Break Fix and Support

lockiconFrom the initial installation, we optimize your computer’s performance by removing unnecessary preinstalled programs, installing operating system and software updates or service packs, setting up your internet connection and email, and installing an antivirus/anti-spyware program that doesn’t impact system performance and never requires a license renewal. All of this is a standard part of our New Computer Setup.

lockiconWe also recommend new computers have our Data Backup Service. We’ll analyze your needs and set you up with an external device or service to ensure you never lose pictures, music, or important documents.

lockiconOver time you’re likely to see some slow down in your computer’s performance. To keep your computer as good as new we offer a complete Computer Tune Up service. We scan for and remove spyware, viruses, or unused programs that slow performance, perform disk and hardware maintenance, remove dust and debris that cause overheating, and install the latest security, program and operating system updates

lockiconWe offer both onsite computer repair services as well as remote computer support nationwide to suit your budget and needs.


lockiconCloud Computing Services


lockiconHIPAA security Compliant (health Insurance probability and Accountability Act of 1996) was enacted to not only improve the portability of health records, but to maintain a high level of security & privacy within that system. Data protection is critical. Tabb can works with businesses in the health industry to become of keep up with HIPAA standards.

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