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One of the biggest trends in small business marketing today is the focus on how to promote your business through social marketing: Twitter, facebook, etc. Unfortunately the risk for exposure to potential threats through these avenues is significant. Tabb will be happy to consult with you about how to harness the benefits of social networks while ensuring their own business networks remain secure.

Tabb will meet with you to learn about the current and future plans for your business and conduct assessment of your networks computer hardware and software to show you opportunities for lowering your expenses, improving computer systems and business architecture.

Our consulting services will provide your business with the best solution for Network Setup & Maintenance, Backup Support, VPN’s and PRA (Virtual Private Network/Personal Remote Access), Security, Site blocking & monitoring as well as assisting in Office Relocation:

It can be tough getting everything installed and working properly in a new location. We can work with you to coordinate a smooth, timely & affordable on-site installation of your computer and networking systems.

Recommendation, Setup & Configuration of:

*Computer Systems

*Data Storage

*LAN & Wireless Networks

*Hardware & Software

*Technology Roadmap Planning

*Design & Implementation Planning

*Budget & Strategy Planning

*Research and Testing of New Technologies


Did You Know?

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  • We can do a free system/network analysis and evaluation to determine where your bottlenecks are.

  • We support networks of up to 40 users running any versions of windows.

  • We can work on a fixed monthly support contract or you can call us when you need us.

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